Rossman Station: Crash of electric cars, 1903

According to "The Republican", local newspaper of the day, a terrible crash occurred between two Albany -Southern trolleys in Rossman. Due to the high numbers of tourists at Electric Park this Sunday afternoon, August 3 1903, a second trolley with extra cars was provided.  Trolley #1 was held up in Albany by a draw bridge, this trolley was an express trolley from Electric Park to Hudson.  Trolley #2 loaded its passengers from Electric Park, left the station before Trolley # 1 had passed through. Trolley #2  continued on its route as a local, stopping at all its designated routes. Trolley #1 having had clearance, traveled down the tracks  at a high rate of speed. As Trolley #2 stopped at Rossman to make a shoe repair, Trolley #1 came barreling down the tracks and hit the local Trolley.  Luckily there was a baggage car at the end of Trolley #1 which helped save many lives. Unfortunately, 2 Hudson people were killed and many were injured.  It was a terrible scene and many people pitched in to help the maimed and injured. Ambulances took them to the local hospital for care.

This picture is of  St. John's Episcopal Church, was taken circa 1907.  The Church was established in 1845  and was located on Cty Rte 25, just South of the Stockport Firehouse, in the Town of Stockport. Unfortunately, as the membership declined, the Church was sold by the Diocese to Cedar Flow. Dismantling of the Church began 2019. The bell, stained glass windows and other things were sold privately. Today, all that remains is the coach house in the back.